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"Alex Flinn loves fairytales, and made her two daughters sit through several dozen versions of "Beauty and the Beast" while she wrote this book.....then quizzed them on how they thought a beast would meet girls in New York City. She is the author of five previous books, including Breathing Underwater, an American Library Association Top 10 Best Book for Young Adults; Breaking Point, a 2003 ALA Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers; Nothing to Lose, a 2005 ALA Best Book for Young Adults; Fade to Black, a 2006 ALA Best Book for Young Adults nominee; and Diva. She lives in Miami."
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Kyle Kingsbury is the most popular freshman at the prestigious Tuttle School in New York. He has everything: looks, money, and is taking Tuttle's most popular freshman girl to the Spring Dance: Sloane Hagen. But when a quiet unnoticed goth girl named Kendra speaks her mind about the unjustness of the world, Kyle doesn't take her seriously and plans to ask her to the Spring Dance as a joke, intending to go with Sloane, which he does. As Kendra confirms that she's been ditched, she later meets Kyle at his house and reveals that she is a witch, and that she is going to turn the egotistical, self-centered Kyle into the beast he really is-literally. With two years to find true love and break the curse, Kyle sets off on a personal journey with his tutor and servant to find someone who can love him for who he is, without judging appearances.

"A delicious love story...Romantics everywhere will adore this book."- Annette Curtis Klause, author of Blood and Chocolate

"Teens will race to see if the beast gets his kiss, lifts the curse, and lives happily ever after."- Kirkus

"An engrossing tale."-VOYA

The setting of this story takes place primarily in modern day Manhattan, but includes other various places in New York.

Kyle Kingsbury/Adrian King: A popular, self-centered freshman at Tuttle School who gets turned into a beast by a mysterious witch named Kendra. As he becomes a better person, he declares the old Kyle "dead" and adopts the name Adrian.

Rob Kingsbury: Kyle's father who is even more self-centered than Kyle. He works for NBC as a newscaster. After failed attempts at finding a surgeon to correct Kyle's problem, he abandons Kyle in a house with the maid and his tutor.

Kendra Hilferty: The goth witch that puts a spell on Kyle. Originally fed up with Kyle, she befriends him once he starts to become a nicer person.

Magda: the Kingsbury's servant that lives with Kyle and Will.

Will Fratalli: Kyle's blind tutor that is hired to help Kyle continue with his studies.

Sloane Hagen: the most popular freshman girl at Tuttle School. Once she discovers what Kyle is, she wants nothing to do with him.

Linda Owens: a mousy, red-headed girl that attends Tuttle on scholarship. She becomes Kyle's love interest after he watches her in his magic mirror. She eventually is traded by her father to Kyle to assure that he does not get arrested for drug consumption.

The main theme throughout this novel is that looks aren't everything, and that we must look past our physical appearance to accept ourselves and others. The lesson that Kyle ultimately learns is that although he is physicallyan a beast, he is still a person on the inside. He realizes his superficial ego has gotten in the way of appreciating true beauty, which he finds in Linda.

Another similarly related theme in the story is to think about how your actions will affect others before you do something for yourself. Kyle learns this when he decides to generously ask Kendra for Will to regain his sight and Magda to see her family if Kyle can manage to break the curse. Also, his actions toward Kendra, which were originally hostile, were returned with hostility. When he was kinder to her, she began to actually feel sorry for him and that she could not reverse the curse.

Roses: Kyle builds a greenhouse very soon after moving into the brownstone house with Magda and Will. They become his passion, his obsession, and are ultimately the main symbol of the story. When Sloane rejects Kyle's beautiful rose corsage, he hands it to Linda unknowingly, not realizing how much it would mean to each of them. He has yellow, white and red roses, which all represent something different. The yellow and white ones represent friendship, while the red ones symbolize love.

Kendra's mirror: also has much importance in the story, as it is what leads Kyle to discover Linda and how her life is going downhill. When her father gives her to Kyle, he sees it as a sign that she is meant to be with him.

1. How do both Kyle and Sloane react to the rose corsage that Magda has bought for the Spring Dance?

2. How does Kyle's father handle the situation of his son becoming a beast?

3. How are Kyle's roses symbolic?

4. Describe the changes that Kyle/Adrian goes through throughout the novel.

5. Why does Kyle seen it as a sign that Linda's dad is giving her up in exchange for not being arrested?

6. what does Kyle make Kendra promise to do if he can manage to break the spell?

7. What is the theme of this story?

"You don't believe anyone could love you if you're not beautiful?"- Kendra (pg 49)

"Sometimes when you're walking in New York [...] you see these people, like guys in wheelchairs [...] or people with burns on their faces. [...] If I thought about them at all, what I thought was how to get past them without them touching me. [...] Now I thought about them all the time, how one minute you can be normal- beautiful even- and then something can happen the next minute that changes it."- Kyle (pg 75-76)

"Had she transformed as much as I had? Or had she always been this way, and I had never noticed?"- Kyle (pg 213)

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