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Summary and Analysis

volume 1
The first book of this series talks about tsukune going to a monster school he goes to. so his last hope is Yukai academy. When he reaches [[Puerto, Cristhian#|the school]] he bumps into a girl that becomes his first friend in the academy. Moka is the cutest hirl in school and everyone is jealous and mad at tsukune (he's the actual definition of average) because of this, this big monster guy really hates him and plans to take moka for himself and kill tsukune. fortunately tsukune finds out that if you release the rosario from moka's neck she becomes a full blown vampire. The strongest being on the planet, so she kicks the other guys butt and turns back to the simple nice moka.

Analysis Volume 1.
In the first volume, Tsukune finds out about the Rosario on Moka's neck. The 'Rosario' is a magical item that keeps Moka's vampire self in check. Because of this, Moka gains a double [[Puerto, Cristhian#|personality]], which is a personality of a nice girl compared to the personality of a dreaded vampire. In this story, Moka has pink hair which I really don't know why so don't ask...but her vampire self has silverish hair, which makes her look more menacing.

Volume 2
The second book is about a girl named Kurumu who is a succubi in the academy. Her main goal is to have all the boys like her so that she can find her "Mate of Fate". When moka comes to the [[Puerto, Cristhian#|school]] every guy is inlove with her and kurumu gets jelouse. So kurumu finds tsukune who she finds out is always with moka san as good friends. As a succubi she hipnotises tsukune so that he would never be with moka san. But tsukune brakes free from the hipnosis (hipnosis is fine but a kiss with a succubus would enslave you to her). Kurumu gets pissed that her plan didn't work so she goes to find and kill tsukune. But he accidentaly realeses the rosario from moka sans neck, realesing moka sans true self the vampire. After this kurumu gets her but kicked real bad and vampire moka is about to give the final killing blow but tsukune stands up to protect kurumu saying that she doesn't deserve to die. Vampire moka hesitates but then agrees and changes back to normal. The next day kurumu befriends tsukune and moka, she also decides that tsukune is her "Mate of Fate". (moka san is kurumus love rival)

Analysis Volume 2.
In this volume it introduces Kurumu, a succubus. They posses the power to create illusions. She has a gorgous body and im my opinion is a better love for Tsukune. Even though she was portraied as evil, she's actualy a very nice person.

Volume 3
On this volume tsukune meets this guy who is a leader of security enforcement conmmittee his name is kuyo he preety much finds tsukune and tries to kill him and his friends because tsukune is human. Moka san turns into a vampire and fights kuyo who is the fire fox god (fire fox with like 9 tails). She drops water on him and he's diffeated but tsukune is wounded by fire and she injects him with vampire blood that heals him quickly.

Analysis Volume 3.
There's not really much, but the story is not that important in this series. I mean seriously, the guy dies and that's it.

Volume 4
Tsukune meets a 9 year old witch girl who is very anoying because she's 9. She gets attacked by some big gross lizard dudes who whant to mess with her for being annoyingly smart. Tsukune and the gang come to rescue her and she joins the gang. (Yukari the witch falls in love with moka sans beuty hahahaha.)

Analysis Volume 4.
This story is kinda weird, because in a book, it's easier to analyse simething but in a manga, it's nothing but pictures, so it pretty much tells you everything and sometimes they yell it to you. So please forgive me of my extrememly, super-de-dooper, fragmint, undiscovered analysis. But, the lizard dudes are petifiles.

Volume 5
On this volume Tsukune is doing bad in math and he asks moka san to help him out. Moka san agrees and also offers to right him a copy of her math note book notes (since he like and understood her math notebook). But lady oyakata tells moka san that her helping him is only making things worse. Moka san gets sad but still tries giving tsukune the notebook. Tsukune being brainwashed by lady oakata refuses to take moka sans notebook. Lady oyakata tutors tsukune in her class room but tries to hurt moka san for getting in the way. but Tsukune reclaims conciousnes and removes the rosario from moka san neck and she becomes a full blown vampire and kicks lady oyakata in the face nocking her oncouncious.

Analysis Volume 5.
Lady Oyakata happens to be halk human half snake tail (her lower body is like a snake, like a mermaid, but in a snake) and towards the end of it, its like a flower. She's very beautiful and like a Siren, she seduces Tsukune. In this story you can tell that Maka san really like Tsukune and you can tell that he's strong with his mind when it comes to mind control from Oyakata (she likes him).

Volume 6
On this volume Tsukune fights the monstrels wich are half monsters. Mido a monstrel leader seaks out to find and destroy the strong vampire moka and fights her to a "Battle to the Death". But Tsukune tries to help Vampire Moka and she refuses his help. finaly Tsukune blocks a would be fatal wound to vampire moka and he reseives the fatal wound himself. Vampire moka tries to save Tsukune's life by injecting him with vampire blood knowing that this could also end his life. while resieving the vampire blood Tsukune heals up and starts beating the man out of mido, tsukune has become a ghoul ( a deadly monster that thirsts for blood and death. But as Vampire moka sees this she atempts to kill tsukune but is stoped by her friends. Tsukune is helped by the headmaster who does a exorcism on tsukune releasing the evil soul inside him. (but inorder to stay cool tsukune has to where a rosario on his right arm to keep the evil soul from controlling him.

Analysis Volume 6.
Mido has a scar on his face which i have no clue where he got it from. He's horrendously ugly and hideous. He drops water on vampire Moka because that's her weakness and he likes to play dirty. So, he's a very strange character, he acts tough, but he's weak (that's why he spilled water on her).

Volume 7
Moka san is being controlled by Mako a monstrel who uses the liquids inside her body to control other people. Being controled moka san tries to kill tsukune but regains consciousness when mako loses control. Then a deadly battle happen when Mako controls patients in a hospital to kill tsukune. But as we all know he releases the rosario from moka sans neck turning her to a full blown vampire. And mako gets her butt kicked by vampire moka.

Analysis Volume 7.
Mako is very strange, sexy, but weird. She really enjoys being a creep by injecting liquids from her fingers, which I find very disturbing.......and sexy. She's, WOW, really hot, beautiful, gorgously insane, and foxy girl. when you think about monsters being ugly and scary as hell and you see her pretty face walk by, you fall in love and not know she's a monster because she nailed beauty in the face with a soccer-punch (tha's what i analysed reading this book).

Volume 8
Tsukune joins the school festival committee finding out who the evil guys are. Tsukune finds this super fast monstrel who tries to chop off moka sans head but ends up in complete failure when tsukune summons the vampire blood inside him to defeat the super fast monstrel. Tsukune also meats Hokuto, president of the student council. and tries to bring peace the school.

Analysis volume 8.
Hokuto, seeing him makes it obvious he's evil like night and day. He's way too nice for his own good becase he has to make himself appear to be good when he's not. He carrys glasses which makes you look really nice, smart, good, and evil. Plus he's very tall which which about 98% of all tall guys are evil in the world (excluding NBA players and NASA).

Volume 9
On this volume Tsukune finds the leader of the monstrels who is Hokuto Tsukunes admirer (tsukune admires hokuto). Tsukune fights hokuto and hokuto is defeated. He is brought to the headmaster who tells hokuto that he succumbed to his plot in finding him. But then the tables turn and Hokuto tell the headmaster that he was part of his evil plan. And so he beats up the headmaster and yeah. Tsukune seeing this summons the vampire blood inside him and tries to fight hokuto but hokuto is to powerful and he beats up tsukune. But then vampire moka arrives and tries to fight hokuto but he teleports to some control room and tsukune and vampire moka follow him even though he tells them that if they do they could be running to there deaths. But they follow even after the warining and stop hokuto from releasing the shield that separates yokai monster academy from the human world. Hokuto also helps them and becomes a good guy again. (read the manga if you really want to understand it.

Analysis Volume 9. (almost there)
Hokuto is like Tsukune. he was a human, became a ghoul, and now wears a 'Rosario' to keep the evil spirits away.For some reason Hokuto becomes good because he realizes that he's not a loner and actually has REAL 'friends'.

Volume 10
On this final volume of season I Tsukunes childhood friend kyoto comes to investigate Tsukune's school finding it very strange she then finds a secret mirror that turns every monster to their original form there monster form. But that mirror is actually an evil plot from a former teacher of the school. But then moka san finds her and her true form is released by the mirror (which isn't a bad thing assuming that mokas true self is her vampire self) but since her rosario wasn't taken off she's still week like the normal moka. So then the teacher starts beating up vampire moka. But then tsukune releases the rosario from vampire moka sans neck releasing her vampire powers that allow her to kick the teachers butt and save yokai academy yet again.

Analysis Volume 10 (Finally).
This story is really irrelevant tot he whole series. it's weird but the pictures are AMAZING, so i guess i could analyse the pictures. All of the pictures are surrounded by a quadrilateral parrale outline. Most of them have word bubbles and people in them. they have no color but it's in black and white. Sometimes, their faces gets really detailed. and that's my analysis and like i said, it's very vague becuase it's a Manga and not a book. Since i told you what i was thinking through it, i assume it's a very powerful, potent, ambidextrous, eye poping, indescribable, titan of awesomeness, and wealthy in knowledgement of a Nobel Prize winner. And i know what you're thinking. it's SOO not a Twilight thing and the character's actaully have feeling not like that dumb Bella girl who says nothing but "Edward" with a gay facial structure and a lazy jaw.

This is my summery analysis of what i thought throughout the book. ;)

Author's Biography

Akihisa Ikeda was born in 1977 in Miyazaki. His first mangaka was “Magical Warrior Fantasy”, a four-volume series Kiruto in 1999. Magical Warrior Fantasy was serialized in Shonen Jump. Then Ikeda made Rosario Vampire which was first seen in Shonen Jump in March 2002. Then in 2008 Rosario Vampire was made into an anime series because it’s that good.

Action, Supernatural, Romantic comedy, Harem

Moka san is the Motif one reason why she is, is because she represents two people or two personalities. In the moment to fight she becomes vampire moka and in the moment of truth she becomes nice moka.

The rosario is a symbol that represents

Plot overview
A boy named Tsukune enters Yokai academy as his last hope for school. But soon finds out it’s a school for monsters. As he meets the girl of his dreams and other girls he has to fight to protect everyone he loves just to survive in the school of monsters.

Historical Context

Yokai Academy

Study Questions

1. Who is Tsukune?
2. Who is Moka san?
3. What's the name of there school?
4. What color is Moka san's hair?
5. Who is the succubi?

Study Answers

1. Main character.
2. The person Tsukune likes.
3. Yokai academy.
4. Pink.
5. Kurumu.

Key Quotations
"Mate of Fate"
"Tsukune" "Moka san" "Tsukune" "Moka san" "Tsukune" "MOKA SAN!!!!!" "Tsukuuuunneeeee! MMM <3"

1 Main characters (Newspaper Club)

2 Yokai Academy

3 Witch's Knoll

4 Anti-Schoolers

5 Fairy Tale

Book Recommendations
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Book Reviews

1.Looks pretty good. I'll definitely give this one a try.

2.Read the manga its great......its nice to know this would be an anime. Its not the usual hot-blooded vampire fest but light-hearted (as you guys have already guessed)....like Karin.

I'm guessing this anime will start somewhere like in January 2008...give it 6 months if it was just announced.

3.i read the manga, lots of slap-stick and lots and LOTS of harem... it was funny at first but it got really old really quick =/ hopefully the anime is better than the manga was ^^

I bet that the girls will looks like some demoness or empusas (you know empusas are demoness that charm men and then suck they're life through a kiss!!!)and yeah it's kinda interesting....But is the school where the guy was admitted is girls only???Maybe they're some charismatique vampire guys to please the feminine gender who will watch this anime
5. I definetely see this show becoming another Ikki Tousen for some strange reason. I better hope I'm wrong.



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