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New Yorker Book Review

Sebold takes an enormous risk in her wonderfully strange d├ębut novel: her narrator, Susie Salmon, is dead -- murdered at the age of fourteen by a disturbed neighbor -- and speaks from the vantage of Heaven. Such is the author's skill that from the first page this premise seems utterly believable. Susie's voice has all the inflections of a smart teen-ager's, by turns inquisitive, sarcastic, and wistful; unplacated by Heaven, she watches as her family falls apart and her friends resume their lives without her. Sebold slips easily from the ordinary pleasures of a suburban childhood (cutting class; the first kiss) to moments of eerie beauty (a cloud of souls, "all of them clamoring at once inside the air"). If in the end she reaches too far, the book remains a stunning achievement.

Los Angeles Times Book Review
...boldly steps into...unimaginable territory...a strange and beautiful amalgam of novelistic styles...painfully fine and accomplished...

New York Times Book Review
...a high wire act...and Sebold maintains almost perfect balance...takes the stuff of...tragedy...and turns it into literature...

Aimee Bender, author of The Girl In the Flammable Skirt and An Invisible Sign of My Own
Intensely wise and gorgeously written, The Lovely Bones is a heart-breaking page-turner . . .

Joanna Scott, author of Make Believe and The Manikin
This is an extraordinary novel, deeply unsettling, beautiful, tender, unbearably sad, wise . . .

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