Along for the RideSarah Dessen
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Author Biography
Sarah Dessen was born in Evanston, Illinois but grew up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina where she excelled in creative writing classes provided by her schools. She graduated from UNC and slowly began her career as a writer. To get herself started, she began waitressing at a local restaurant until she was offered a job as a teacher. Three years after she graduated from college, Sarah sold her first novel, The Summer. Now after writing multiple novels that are loved by many readers, Sarah now resides in the country-side with her husband, daughter and 2 dogs and lives her life just like everyone else in the world.

Study Questions
  1. How does Auden decide to go visit her father and step-mom for the summer?
  2. What does Auden notice about her father when she first arrives?
  3. How does Auden describe Heidi?
  4. Who does Auden meet when she is walking around late on night, And what relationship does she form with this person?
  5. What is “Auden’s Quest”?
  6. Who are Auden’s friends in Colby?
  7. What happens to Auden at the end of the novel?

Book Reviews

Along for the Ride...provides the interpersonal intricacies fans expect from a Dessen plot. Rounding out her latest offering with richly depicted female friendships, Dessen offers up a summertime tale of self-discovery. --Horn Book

Dessen reworks well-traveled terrain and creates a remarkably original story with realistic teen dialogue, authentic girl friendships and a complex underlying question: Can people really change? ---Kirkus Reviews, starred review

"Beautifully captures that sense of summer as a golden threshold between past regrets and future unknowns." -The Washington Post

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