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Fast, Funny, Touching “–Booklist, Starred Review
“A verse experience that will leave readers sighing recognition and satisfaction”-Kirkus Review, Starred review
“Honest…Destined to captivate”-Publisher Weekly

Outer vs. inner beauty-Sophie first boyfriend is cute but that’s all. She doesn’t even know what her “cyber soul” Chaz looks like but he turns out to be ugly on the inside. Murphy is “downright ugly” but he’s beautiful on the inside. He listens to Sophie and they have a lot in common.
Lust vs. Love-
Sophie’s relationship with Dylan is off of lust not love. She only cares about what he looks like and is only physically attracted to him. Sophie’s relationship with Murphy is based on love. “ The more I get to really know him, the more I want to kiss him…maybe that’s how it is when its real love.”

Dependence vs.Independence-
This is about letting go of childhood and growing up. Sophie takes that step when she goes on her in town vacation all by herself. As she walking out the door she looks back at her mom and wishes she would come along but also wants to go by herself. By stepping out on her own she grows more independent.


Art-art is used both as a way of expressing and a way of seeing. Sophie and Murphy both like art. They go to the art museum together, they sketch together and they even make a flip book together.
“Sometimes I just know things”- Sophie repeats this throughout the book. It is use to show turning points in the story-when she meets Dylan, when she puts on her black dress, when she dances with her mask man, and when she choices to sit with Murphy at the end of the book.

Dress with pink roses- this symbolizes her childhood and her dependence on her mom
Black dress-Symbolizes growing up and independence
Mocking Bird-This bird Symbolizes Sophie, who is “trying on lots of different voices to see which one works best.”
White Dove- Sophie’s dream about flying overBoston with this bird symbolizes her strength and independence.
Robin- Murphy first name, Robin, Symbolizes new beginnings.


This story takes place inCambridgeMassachusetts. Its starts in September and ends in early January. Most of the story happens in Sophie high school, house and neighborhood. As the novel progress and Sophie gets more independent the setting grows to include places around Boston.
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Plot overview

This is a story about a high school freshman named Sophie. Sophie starts with her first love Dylan but notices that she is just in love with his looks not what’s on the inside. She meets Chaz online and she only likes that he listens to her, but he comes out to be a pervert. She falls in love with someone she thought that she would never talk to in her high school years. They fall in love because they understand each and they have a lot in common. She finds true love.

Historical Context
This novel takes place in the 1990’s. The characters communicate by email and in internet chat rooms but text messaging was never mentioned. References to popular culture include Saved by theBell, Howard Stern, Marilyn Monroe, Julia Roberts and Madonna.

Study Questions

1 Describe the parent/child relationships in the book. How are they alike and different? What kind of parents would Sophie like to have?

2. How do Rachel and Grace show that they are Sophie True friends? Why is she afraid to tell them about Robin?
3. Is Sophie right when she says “What my mother doesn’t know ant hurt me?”
4. How does Sophie define love first at the beginning of the book and at the end

Authors Bio
Sonya Sones was born in Boston Massachuttes and now lives in Southern California. Her first three verse novels won awards. Her novel stop pretending: What happen when my big sister went crazy won numerous awards, also a Christopher award and the Claudia award for poetry.
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