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Authors Biography

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Ellen Hopkins has always had a special talent for poetry and writing.When she was just nine years old, her first poem was published in the Palm Springs Desert Sun. She later went to further her education at the University of California to study journalism. She met her husband, John Hopkins, after her first marriage had failed. John and Ellen had three children together and adopted one. Ellen began her career first by writing nonficition books for children. Her daughter was addicited to crystal meth or "Crank." The unfortunate experience inspired Ellen to write her first verse novel, Crank. From then on she has been writing other verse novel showing how horrible influences of drug abuse and addicition are.


Hunter: Reno, Nevada
Autumn: Texas
Summer: California

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"Yeah, I know getting hight isn't smark, Ask me if I care?" Pg 11
-Hunters quote is important because it shows that his mothers addicition to meth is an easy gate way for him to get into drugs as well.

"I never told. I never screamed. I never healed. A different night. A different place. A different girl." -pg122
- Summers quote is very sad, she is expressing she has been raped after she discovered Ashante was raped as well.

"And that's pretty much how I met your mom and lost my best friend." -pg302
- This is said while Summers father, Jason, is telling her how he met her mother, Kristina. This quote shows that the reason for him ending his close bond with his bestfriend, is because of Kristina. She has a way of ruining peoples lives just so she is happy.


Family Relationships: This theme is expressed throughout the entire book, in some way, the three main characters are connected to each other by their mother, Kristina. None of them really no how a family relationship should work, but they are looking for an answer.
Substance Abuse: This is a theme because it is a major part of the three teens lives. Their mother was addicted to Meth, Autumn is becoming a alcoholic throughout the book and Summers boyfriend is addicted to meth.
Growing Up: Summer, Autumn and Hunter learn the meaning of growing up and are basically forced to grow up faster then they really should. If they don't, in order to survive from their bad past that haunts them will be harder then it already is.


Hunters Grandmas house: Safety
Alcohol: Comfort/ escape
Crank: Evil
Christmas dinner table: united
Truck: Summer and Kyles love for each other
Snow: Kristina's cold heart towards her children


The Monster: is a motif in the Novel Fall out. It symbolizes the weakness that Kristina has given to each one of her kids.
Hunter: The name symbolizes his strength because hunters are usually strong. His name can also symbolize him hunting for answers.
Autumn: Her name symbolizes her ever changing moods.
Summer: Her name can symbolize how cheerful she is.

Historical Content

The Book, Fallout, takes place during modern day times. Drugs and addiction as, we all know, is at one of its peaks during our time. This being the case, gives the reader a more realistic experience.

Study Questions

1.) In what way does Autumn show her uneasyness towards other people?
2.) What do you think will happen to the love triangle of Summer, Matt and Kyle?
3.) As people get more and more distant from Autumn a sudden fear of being left all by her self haunts her, do you think she will go to the extreme of getting pregnant with Bryce's baby just so he will "stay with her? Explain.
4.) What happens the night Summer and her dad drive home from their thanksgiving dinner?
5.) At what point of the story is everyone sitting at the dinner table together, including Kristina?

Main Characters
  • Kristina Georgia Snow is the meth addicted mother of Hunter, Autumn, and Summer. She is the reason Hunter, Summer and Autumn are al struggling to make it on their own.
  • Hunter Seth Haskins, Kristina’s oldest son, was adopted and raised by Kristina’s mother, Marie Haskins, and has the best life out of all of Kristina’s children.
  • Autumn Rose Sheperd, the OCD and panic attack having teen, is the only child of Kristina’s that does not know her mother. She lives with her single aunt Cora and alcoholic, prescription drug abusing grandfather. But her aura soon becomes warm and she beings to drink to keep it that way.
  • Summer Lily Kenwood, the youngest child of Kristina’s during this chapter of her life, is the only child who knows her mother and father. She is also the one child who keeps in contact with Kristina, and knows more about her background than the others.


This Novel is a memoir of the lives of three children of a meth addicted mother and how her addiction affected their lives. They now live in different homes and with different parents. Each of them has a different story to share. Hunter knows about his sisters and 2 new younger brothers, Summer knows about her brothers, and Autumn knows nothing. Lost and confused, each teen tries to find out what really happened.This strong story it about these teens getting their lives on the right track and creating a so called past for themselves.





Book Reviews

"Fall out is a great con clu sion to a great series."
- The Eagle's Nest

"This book was the most powerful of the three."
-Taming the Bookshelf

"This was one of my most anticipated reads in the past few years, and every expectation has been met."
-Dreaming In Books