What Happened to Cass Macbride?
by: Gail Giles


Plot Overview:
This book is about a young guy named Kyle who wants revenge on the most 
popular girl in [[Alonso, Maikel#|school]] Cass Macbride for the death of his brother. He kidnaps her, and puts her on a box underground. Now Cass has to find a way to make him take her out of there ALIVE.
Main Characters:
In this book there are three main characters, Cass Macbride, Kyle Kirby, and Ben. Cass is a senior at High School, good looking, and popular and she always gets what she wants. Kile is [[Alonso, Maikel#|in college]] and he's an attractive young man. Ben is the main [[Alonso, Maikel#|investigator]] for Cass case, he is tall and big.
Editorial [[Alonso, Maikel#|Reviews]]:

"A smart, [[Alonso, Maikel#|scary]] tale that moves like a bullet train."- [[Alonso, Maikel#|James]] Patterson
"Readers will be riveted."-Publishers Weekly,starred [[Alonso, Maikel#|review]]
"Even the most black-and-white thinkers will ponder long after this outstanding psychological thriller ends."-VOYA, starred review
"The setting is claustrophobic, the characters are complex, and the story will keep readers in the [[Alonso, Maikel#|edge]] of their seats."-KLIATT, starred review
"Just plain chilling....Brillian"-Kirkus
This story takes place in a box, six feet underground. This place is where Cass one of the main characters gets burried alive. It's a dark, claustrophobic place. Also another part of the novel takes place in a police station where Kile the other main character is telling his life story.
Author's Biography:
Gail Giles was born September 24, in Galveston, Texas. Giles attended Stephen F. Austin State University. She taught high school in Angleton, TX. Giles has honor awards in best books for young adults selection, and quick pick for reluctant readers selection. She also has written many other books in which are i

ncluded Breath of the Dragon, Shattering Glass, Dead girls dont write letters and many more.
Suicide: The whole drama in this book begins when David kills himslef. David's suicide leads Kyle his older brother to kidnap Cass and bury her underground in a box while she is still alive.
Revenge: Kyle wants revenge for the death of his older brother. He believes Cass is at fault for this because of the note Dasvid left pined on his chest the day he died, and he decides he is going to make her pay for that.
Words: In this book the way you use the words you say are weapons to fight other people. For example when Cass is int he box she can only stalk so she has to use her words appropriately so she can defeat her enemy in this case Kyle. Also words can hurt people in a way that you couldn't imagine.
Note: The note that David leaves explaining why he really kills himslef and it is what leads to all the conflict in the novel.
Box: The box is where the story really takes place and explains the torture Cass goes through while shes underground.
Study Questions:
What's really the reason why David kills himslef?
Why does Kile blame Cass instead of blaming his mom first?
Why do you think Kile decide to bury Cass instead of torturing her another way?
Why do you think Cass erases the tape before letting anyone listen to it?
Do words serve as weapons?
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Historical Context:
This books takes place in a modern day society in a small town. The story is mostly said in a box underground.
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